Hog the Limelight with the unique “LOVE TRUCK” Ibiza Event Mobile

powered by Flying Pig Ibiza Catering!


Whatever the occasion maybe it's always nice to be  different and create a memorable experience and the “LOVE TRUCK”can help you do just that!

With its remarkable look and its Sixties design bursting with vintage glamour our Citroen H-Van cannot fail to impress your guests! It  will be the centre of attention whatever shindig you're throwing!

We can tailor the “LOVE TRUCK”  to your wildest dreams and vivid imaginations!  

We roll for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Stag & Hen Parties, Festivals, Hippie Parties, Corporate Events, Cooking Classes, Shootings, Crew Caterings, Festivals, Housewarmings, Marina Fiestas, Promotions, Samplings,TV productions and and and …..


So if your event is a special occasion, make sure yours is an unforgettable one ! 

About Us

Our story 


Meet  Babe Rosemary , our first baby that touches our hearts from the very first moment.

Like all Citroen H-Vans she comes from France and was born in 1968.

What the VW Bulli Van was for California Flower Power – Citroens HY is a truly European Hippie Icon.

She was found in an old barn on a petite farmyard in Ibiza. She came to the White Island with some Hippie People in the late Sixties and spent all of her life here waiting for a new love….

There she lay, silently weeping, heartbroken over her short lived life. ​

She captured our heart and imagination and ​so began the challenging task ahead to restore her to her former glory. ​​She now brings back the feeling & spirit of the late sixties, puts a smile on everyones face  when driving by. She is very special to us and lets us dream of freedom and hope.

Something is supposed to be - Really !  Since a couple of years we are running Flying Pig Ibiza Catering successfully on the white island. Our Logo shows a Flying Pig and the Citroen H-Van is well known for it's quirky snub nosed bonnet, in fact the French people call it the  "truck with the pig's snout and nickname it "nez de cochon" which means "pig's snout". 


Welcome to the Flying Pig Ibiza family ! 


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